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New Ecotech Recycling, based in Mumbai, is one of India’s leading electronics waste management company which provides one of the finest solutions for electronic waste management. We aim to combat one of the major issues faced by the professional world and households which is the “disposal” of e-waste.

We are amongst renowned and trusted e waste management company in Mumbai, India. We Buy Back, Recycle and Destroy Corporate IT Equipment. We’re Certified and Compliant With Industry Recycling and Destruction Standards. Our e waste recycling in Mumbai utilizes only sustainable methods for the processing of e waste. E-waste has become a major issue in the countries like India. It requires immediate strategies and programs that may reduce the dreadful effects produced through it. Almost every day, people are replacing the old electronic appliance with the new ones. This has increased the number of electronic items and equipment and people do not follow appropriate methods of dumping them.

Thus, if you have also decided to make a planet healthy for everyone and generations yet to come, you can anytime contact us and benefit from our foremost e-waste recycling solutions.